The Catchball Troupe is in tour visiting NYC

Come experience the most incredible women team sport you have ever seen.

Are you sick of aerobics, cardio, and zumba? Don't you wish there was a sport you could play with your friends, have fun burning calories as time flies and you're laughing out loud?

Come experience the fastest growing women sport in the world. Catchball, unlike volleyball, allows you to catch the ball. Let the Catchball Troupe introduce you the basics, and prepare to get hooked. Meet other like minded women- play ball and have fun.


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What is Catchball ?

Catchball is a social start-up started in Israel combining sports with social activity. It is known to unify communities, empower women, entice them to participate in physical activity and build their leadership skills. Catchball has encouraged women to become active in sports, often after years of physical inactivity. 

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