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Catchball Bangaladesh | International Catchball Federation



The Catchball Federation is spreading the word all around the world about the sport Catchball, and competitive catchball leagues for woman of all ages. Leading sports associations and community organizations recognize that Catchball has the potential to unify communities, empower women and built women's participation and leadership. This recognition is largely based on the highly successful catchball model developed in Israel over the past numbers of years, where women have led one of the most impressive revolution in women's participation in sport. Indeed, catchball has encouraged women to come together in a sporting and social setting, often after years of physical inactivity. Clearly, involvement in a team sport such as catchball contributes to the welfare and health of women and provides a means for maintaining a healthy and active way of life.

Sports for Hope and Independence is a non-profit organisation founded in 2016 dedicated to exploring and expanding human awareness through sports respecting culture and religion: to inspire youth, girls, physically disabled person and children across Bangladesh to become purposeful masters of themselves and dedicated, inspired leaders of others into a fulfilled wellbeing.




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