Catchball USA & NA| International Catchball Federation

The USA Catchball Association was established as a non-profit organization, dedicated to developing, supporting and promoting local Catchball teams, leagues, tournaments and other activities nationwide.

The USA Catchball Association is operated by a group of volunteers from across the United States, with the full support of the International Federation.

Our team:


Meirav Bar-Yosef: Co-President 
Ilanit Green Inbar: Co-President 

Yafit Haba: Treasurer
Iris Laxer Kalach: Director  
Shiri Tzuk: Director

Cathy Cole - Director



Contact us at:


USA Catchball association.jpg


Los Angeles

What is Catchball ?

Catchball is a social start-up started in Israel combining sports with social activity. It is known to unify communities, empower women, entice them to participate in physical activity and build their leadership skills. Catchball has encouraged women to become active in sports, often after years of physical inactivity. 

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